TV SITCOMS 1949-99. PT1

TV SITCOMS 1949-99. PT1

January 26, 2023 Alan Royle 2

                There has been no shortage of situation comedies since television in the USA, Great Britain and Australia began. This segment will look at every show that went to air between 1949 and 1999. Assessments will vary according to the amount of information […]


April 17, 2019 Alan Royle 4

  As far as I can determine there have been fifteen actors and actresses who have lived to the ripe old age of 100 or more, and another two who are precariously perched on 99 as of March 31, 2019. If all goes well, Nehemiah Persoff and Marge Champion will […]

Actors marrying other actors – Pt 1

July 25, 2016 Alan Royle 2

  In this series of articles I shall be examining many of the ‘Hollywood’ marriages down the decades. By ‘Hollywood marriages’ I mean those between actors and actresses involved in the industry, not the unions where one half comes from outside the business. Of course, like anywhere else, there have […]