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Alan Royle was born in Fremantle, Western Australia in 1947. After working as a Labour Allocator on the Fremantle waterfront for many years he retired in 1997, then attended Murdoch University in 2001 where he earned four ‘Outstanding Achievement Awards en route to a Bachelor of Arts in History before earning Honors with his thesis on the British Army in the Nineteenth Century. Around that time he published his first book titled ‘Hollywood Warts ‘N’ All’.

From 2004 until 2014 he taught history units At Murdoch University, including ‘Hollywood and History’, as well as foundation and academic writing courses at Murdoch, Edith Cowan University and with the Open University of Australia (OUA). In 2012 OUA selected him as one of only four tutors nation-wide to be awarded the bi-annual Excellence Award in Melbourne.

He is now retired, living in Fremantle with his wife, and is working on new material for his latest book “Rock And Pop Warts ‘N’ All” soon to be released on Kindle


  1. Hi Alan We have a library patron looking for a copy of hollywood warts and all volume 2.
    Are there any copies available?

    • Hi, Patricia. As far as I am aware, the Elaine Hollingsworth I met in Queensland five years ago, (aka actress Sara Shane), is still very much alive. I sincerely hope so. Thankyou for your note but I think we are relating to two different individuals.

      • Hi Alan , from Canada , I just received an email from Hippocrates Health Centre about Elaine Hollingsworth passing away so I think Patricia has the right Elaine I’m SORRY to say , my sincerest condolences to ALL who knew her — God Bless her! Dan Allen (loved her in Tarzan’s Greatest Adventure, Best Tarzan film of ALL)

        • Thankyou, Dan. That is very sad news indeed. I only knew her for a few days but I felt we shared an affinity. I wish I could have mended the fences her carer tore down but, sadly, it is now too late.

    • Hi Patricia,
      Today, Thursday 4th August, 2022 at 17:35, I received an email from Hippocrates Health Centre. I get regular emails from the Health Centre, which she helped set up many years ago, and have been a keen supporter of the Centre for around 22 years.

      Today’s email opened “IN MEMORY OF ELAINE HOLLINGSWORTH 1928 – 2022”. However, the date of her passing was not given, so I began an Internet search. My search for a date of Elaine’s passing has led me here, typing my reply to your comment.

      My Mother has also just passed, on July 1, 2022. She was born on April 1, 1929, so was a year younger than Elaine.

      If you would rather not comment further I understand.

      Best regards.

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