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CAROLE LANDIS: (1919-48)                   

[Carole sought fame, like most actors and actresses, but her primary objective seems to have been to find genuine love and marriage and to raise a family. Sadly, that was not to be. Unable to conceive, due to endometriosis, luckless in her quest for true love, and the victim of malicious rumours regarding her private life, she took her own life at 29, one of Hollywood’s saddest and most maligned cases]: ‘The only thing I’ve found out about love is that I don’t know anything about it. I wish somebody would tell me what it’s really like. I’ve made a couple of guesses. But that business about ‘women’s intuition’ just isn’t true. Not in my case, anyway.’

‘Every girl in the world wants to find the right man, someone who is sympathetic and understanding and helpful and strong. Someone she can love madly. I want to be as good an actress as Bette Davis, and I’d like to be a great singer. But more than that, I’d like to be happily married and have some children.’

‘A man can be an absolute heel and a woman, knowing it, can still be madly in love with him.’

‘Anyone in public life gets used to unkind rumours after a time. Though all of them are very upsetting when they are published and spoken about publicly, particularly by those in the business who are, shall I say, jealous of your success. I have learned to stand up to them by ignoring them and not dignifying them with an answer.’

‘I think sex is here to stay, so I don’t see any necessity for throwing it in people’s faces. I don’t think a girl has to wear dresses cut down to her tummy to exhibit what is known as feminine allure. She can exhibit it in a high neck dress but subtly. Heaven knows I want people to think I have sex appeal. But I also want them to think I have something besides sex appeal.’

Lupe Velez: Much More Than "The Mexican Spitfire" | LatinHeat Entertainment

Lupe Velez

[On actress Lupe Velez’s suicide in 1944]: ‘I know how Lupe Velez felt. You fight just so long and then you begin to worry about being washed up. You fear there’s one way to go and that’s down.’

Sidney Lumet - IMDb

SIDNEY LUMET: (1924-2011)                  

[His comments on his film Network (1976) losing the Oscar for Best Picture to Rocky]: ‘It’s embarrassing that Rocky beat us out. [Paddy] Chayefsky was so prescient. Everyone was saying we were going to take it all. And on the flight out to L.A., he said, ‘Rocky’s going to take Best Picture.’ And I said, No, no, it’s a dopey little movie.’ And he said, ‘It’s just the sort of sentimental crap they love out there.’ And he was right…the difference between winning and losing can be three or four million dollars on your next fee. And maybe this is a very subjective reaction, but it seems to me that I’ve always lost to crap.’

‘I only said Titanic (1997) is unwatchable because one cannot watch it!’

Bill Paxton's family blames surgeon, hospital for his death

BILL PAXTON (1955-2017)                                  

[Regarding the US involvement in the Iraq War]: ‘I support the troops. This is a tough time right now. I think a lot of people in our industry are afraid to speak out. I had a drink with Sean Penn the other night. He went over to Baghdad in December just to see for himself what was going on. And that guy is as American as anybody I ever met.’

Stanley Kubrick: film's obsessive genius rendered more human | Film | The Guardian

STANLEY KUBRICK: (1928-99)             

‘Children’s films are an area that should not just be left to the Disney Studios, who I don’t think really make good children’s films. I’m talking about his cartoon features, which always seem to me to have shocking and brutal elements in them that really upset children. I could never understand why they were thought to be so suitable. When Bambi’s mother dies this has got to be one of the most traumatic experiences a five-year-old could encounter. If films are overly violent or shocking, children under 12 should not be allowed to see them. I think that would be a very useful form of censorship.’

‘The great nations have always acted like gangsters, and the small nations like prostitutes.’

Adolphe Menjou on Stage and Screen, Silent and Sound – (Travalanche)

ADOLPHE MENJOU (1890-1963)            

‘The [Marlon Brando] school are grabbers, not lovers. If it wasn’t that the script says they get the girl, they wouldn’t’.

Little Miss Marker, Adolphe Menjou, Shirley Temple, 19 34' Photo | AllPosters.com | Shirley temple, Vintage movie stars, Temple movie

Menjou & Shirley Temple in Little Miss Marker

[Menjou was fascinated by six year-old Shirley Temple’s professionalism]: ‘This child frightens me. She knows all the tricks. She backs me out of the camera, blankets me; grabs my laughs. She’s making a stooge out of me. She’s an Ethel Barrymore at six! If she were forty years old, she wouldn’t have had time to learn all she knows about acting.’

Francis Ford Coppola Winery Announces Academy Awards Partnership

FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA: (1939 – )                

‘What the studios want now is ‘risk-free’ films, but with any sort of art you have to take risks. Not taking risks in art is like not having sex and then expecting there to be children.’

[The director of The Godfather films commented]: ‘Basically, both the Mafia and America feel they are benevolent organizations. And both the Mafia and America have their hands stained with blood from what it is necessary to do to protect their power and interests.’

‘I know Donald Trump. I went to the same military school as him. He was a 13-year-old kid going to a boarding school. Over the years, I must say he really didn’t impress me as being as awful as he’s evolving. I wonder why that’s happening…He wasn’t such a bad guy 20 years ago. But I never knew him really well.’

[A 2018 observation]: ‘If America is great, it’s because it was a country of immigrants. Even the Native American is an immigrant. So to turn our backs to immigrants today is more than absurd.’

Will Rogers & American Politics - Latest Program Offers

WILL ROGERS (1879-1935)                     

[One year before he was killed in an air crash, Rogers wrote the following in support of aviation.]: ‘There were eight people killed in planes all over America on Sunday, and it’s headlined in every paper today. When will newspapers give aviation an even break? If there’s a safer mode of transportation, I have never found it.’


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