QUIZ – Name the character & the movie.


Below are 50 stills from 50 movies, accompanied by the actor’s name and the year of the picture’s release. Can you supply the CHARACTER’S name and the title of the movie for a total score out of 100?


Image result for leslie howard in gwtw

1          1939                LESLIE HOWARD

Image result for stanwyck in double indemnity

2          1944                BARBARA STANWYCK

Image result for gordon macrae as billy bigelow in carousel

3          1956                GORDON MACRAE

Image result for ursula andress in dr no

4          1962                URSULA ANDRESS

Image result for richard dreyfuss in jaws

5          1975                RICHARD DREYFUSS

Image result for kathleen turner in romancing the stone

6          1984                KATHLEEN TURNER

Image result for magua in the last of the mohicans

7          1992                WES STUDI

Image result for amy adams in enchanted

8          2007                AMY ADAMS

Image result for ray milland in beau geste

9          1939                RAY MILLAND

Image result for bette davis in now, voyager

10        1942                BETTE DAVIS

Image result for john wayne in the searchers

11        1956                JOHN WAYNE

Image result for cat ballou

12        1965                JANE FONDA

Image result for smokey and the bandit

13        1977                BURT REYNOLDS

Image result for meryl streep in out of africa

14        1985                MERYL STREEP

Image result for jack dawson titanic

15        1997                LEONARDO DICAPRIO

Image result for charlize theron in monster

16        2003                CHARLIZE THERON

Image result for olivia de havilland in captain blood

17        1935                OLIVIA DE HAVILLAND

Image result for spencer tracy in thirty seconds over tokyo

18        1944                SPENCER TRACY

Image result for kate hepburn in the african queen

19        1951                KATHARINE HEPBURN

Image result for pacer in flaming star

20        1960                ELVIS PRESLEY

Related image

21        1979                SALLY FIELD

Image result for alan rickman in die hard

22        1988                ALAN RICKMAN

Image result for kate winslet in sense and sensibility

23        1995                KATE WINSLET

Image result for tom hanks in road to perdition

24        2002                TOM HANKS

Image result for mrs danvers in rebecca

25        1940                JUDITH ANDERSON

Image result for clifton webb in laura

26        1944                CLIFTON WEBB

Image result for joan collins as evelyn nesbit color

27        1955                JOAN COLLINS

Related image

28        1962                OMAR SHARIF

Image result for nurse ratched

29        1975                LOUISE FLETCHER

Image result for trip in glory

30        1989                DENZEL WASHINGTON

Image result for jenny in forrest gump

31        1994                ROBIN WRIGHT

Image result for norman bates

32        1960                ANTHONY PERKINS

Image result for greg peck as captain ahab

33        1956                GREGORY PECK

Image result for victor laszlo in casablanca

34        1942                PAUL HENREID

Image result for feathers in rio bravo

35        1959                ANGIE DICKINSON

Related image

36        1963                RODDY MCDOWALL

Image result for leslie parrish as daisy mae

37        1959                LESLIE PARRISH

Image result for mel gibson in the bounty

38        1984                MEL GIBSON

Image result for julia roberts pretty woman

39        1990                JULIA ROBERTS

Image result for fargo

40        1996                FRANCES MCDORMAND

Image result for mr ballard in mrs miniver

41        1942                HENRY TRAVERS

Image result for lauren bacall as slim

42        1944                LAUREN BACALL

Image result for juanita hall as bloody mary in south pacific

43        1958                JUANITA HALL

Image result for the sundance kid redford

44        1969                ROBERT REDFORD

Image result for maleficent

45        2014                ANGELINA JOLIE

Image result for dean proffitt in overboard

46        1987                KURT RUSSELL

Image result for clarice starling

47        1991                JODIE FOSTER

Image result for billy flynn in chicago

48        2002                RICHARD GERE

Image result for gertie in et

49        1982                DREW BARRYMORE

Image result for sam spade

50        1941                HUMPHREY BOGART








1          ASHLEY WILKES in Gone with the Wind

2          PHYLLIS DIETRICHSON in Double Indemnity

3          BILLY BIGELOW in Carousel

4          HONEY RIDER in Dr No

5          MATT HOOPER in Jaws

6          JOAN WILDER in Romancing the Stone

7          MAGUA in The Last of the Mohicans

8          GISELLE in Enchanted

9          JOHN GESTE in Beau Geste

10        CHARLOTTE VALE in Now, Voyager

11        ETHAN EDWARDS in The Searchers

12        CAT BALLOU in Cat Ballou

13        BANDIT in Smokey & the Bandit

14        KAREN in Out of Africa

15        JACK DAWSON in Titanic

16        AILEEN in Monster

17        ARABELLA BISHOP in Captain Blood

18        LT. COL. JAMES DOOLITTLE in Thirty Seconds over Tokyo

19        ROSE SAYER in The African Queen

20        PACER in Flaming Star

21        NORMA RAE in Norma Rae

22        HANS GRUBER in Die Hard

23        MARIANNE DASHWOOD in Sense & Sensability

24        MIKE SULLIVAN in Road to Pedition

25        MRS. DANVERS in Rebecca

26        WALDO LYDECKER in Laura

27        EVELYN NESBIT in The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing

28        SHERIF ALI in Lawrence of Arabia

29        NURSE RATCHED in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

30        TRIP in Glory

31        JENNY in Forrest Gump

32        NORMAN BATES in Psycho

33        CAPTAIN AHAB in Moby Dick

34        VICTOR LASZLO in Casablanca

35        FEATHERS in Rio Bravo

36        OCTAVIAN – CAESAR AUGUSTUS in Cleopatra

37        DAISY MAE in Li’l Abner

38        FLETCHER CHRISTIAN in The Bounty

39        VIVIAN WARD in Pretty Woman

40        MARGE GUNDERSON in Fargo

41        MR. BALLARD in Mrs. Miniver

42        SLIM in To Have and Have Not

43        BLOODY MARY in South Pacific

44        THE SUNDANCE KID in Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid

45        MALEFICENT in Maleficent

46        DEAN PROFFITT in Overboard

47        CLARICE STARLING in The Silence of the Lambs

48        BILLY FLYNN in Chicago

49        GERTIE in ET – The Extra-terrestrial

50        SAM SPADE in The Maltese Falcon


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