November 16, 2023 Alan Royle 2

  ALI MACGRAW (1939 – )                           [On Steve McQueen]: ‘One thing about Steve, he didn’t like the women in his life to have balls.’ [On the surprise success of her second starring role, the 1970 film Love Story]:’If […]

The musical – a couple of duds.

April 9, 2017 Alan Royle 0

                                     Movie musicals have been around for decades. The studios quickly became aware of their potential as cash cows the moment silent movies became talkies. Most pundits would probably agree that the genre […]

VANESSA REDGRAVE – Never a backward step.

February 17, 2015 admin 0

        Vanessa Redgrave in Camelot ( 1967 ) During the evening of January 20, 1937, Laurence Olivier was starring in Hamlet alongside her father Michael Redgrave when he announced to the audience at curtain call that, ‘tonight a great actress was born’. Over the course of her […]