September 8, 2021 Alan Royle 0

  THE RAZOR’S EDGE (1946)                      It’s a pity that Bill Shakespeare had already used the title ‘Much Ado about Nothing’ a few centuries earlier, otherwise W. Somerset Maugham might have used it for this much-overrated melodrama. The Razor’s Edge takes 148 minutes focusing on Larry Darrell (Tyrone Power) and his […]


November 26, 2018 Alan Royle 2

  Franciska Gaal The name Franciska Gaal is long lost to modern movie-goers. Her Hollywood screen career was very short indeed, only three pictures released just prior to the outbreak of World War Two. Born in Budapest, Hungary, the Jewish Franciska had enjoyed success in German cinema until Hitler came […]

Gene Tierney – an unfortunate life?

February 24, 2015 admin 3

    Nineteen year-old Gene Tierney had made her screen debut in the 1940 western The Return of Frank James. Already a star on Broadway, she was nevertheless appalled by the high pitch of her voice when she first saw the rushes. Determined to lower the tone of her delivery, whatever […]