December 9, 2022 Alan Royle 2

  DEBORAH KERR (1921 – 2007)               One of Britain’s truly great movie actresses was born Deborah Kerr-Trimmer in Glasgow, Scotland in 1921, yet became known as ‘The English Rose’, more than likely to her annoyance, although it is doubtful she would ever say so. During the Second World War […]

Stolen Oscars? Pt. 3

September 24, 2015 admin 26

  Part 3 of ‘Stolen Oscars?’ looks at some of the individual Academy Award winners who, for want of a better word, purloined their statuettes. I shall start with the Best Actor category. 1930/1             Lionel Barrymore for A Free Soul I haven’t actually seen any of the other nominated performances […]