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LGTTM – ‘The Absent-minded Professor’ & ‘Saboteur’.

July 7, 2023 Alan Royle 3

    THE ABSENT-MINDED PROFESSOR (1961)                A few nights ago I subjected myself to watching a movie that had been the fifth-highest grossing film in the USA back in 1961.  Regretfully, I assumed it must have been a great deal better than its dubious title (The Absent-minded Professor) suggested. To […]

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May 5, 2023 Alan Royle 0

  THE GENTLEMEN Below are listed the six actors who reached the magical milestone of surviving in this world for a minimum of one hundred years, as of April 20, 2023. 106 years & 153 days            NORMAN LLOYD (1914-2021) A native of Jersey City, New Jersey, Norman was one of […]



June 1, 2021 Alan Royle 0

  THE WIND AND THE LION (1975)                       This uneven and generally silly movie is based (very, very loosely) on a real incident that took place in Tangier, Morocco in October 1904. It focuses on the kidnapping of an American ex-patriot […]


April 29, 2019 Alan Royle 2

     102 & 8 MONTHS*              KIRK DOUGLAS (Dec 9, 1916 – )                          Kirk Douglas was born in New York over 100 years ago to Jewish immigrant parents from what is now Belarus. Despite several close shaves, he is still going strong as of April 2019 and heading towards […]