December 30, 2022 Alan Royle 3

  Dennis Quaid as Doc Holliday in Wyatt Earp (1994) If you have ever watched the film Wyatt Earp (1994), starring Kevin Costner in the title role, you were probably shocked to see how emaciated Dennis Quaid looked in his role as the consumptive killer Doc Holliday. By the time Quaid had […]

MOVIES – Double Jeopardy – True Women

MOVIES – Double Jeopardy – True Women

July 16, 2021 Alan Royle 2

  DOUBLE JEOPARDY (1999)                     Box-office returns of over $100 million in the USA alone, coupled with it topping the popularity poll for three weeks in the year it was released, indicate that Double Jeopardy (1999) has been a financially successful movie, despite the critics (generally) being unimpressed by it, and […]



March 9, 2021 Alan Royle 2

  Rosamund Pike Director Joe Wright and actress Rosamund Pike became intimately involved on the set of his 2005 version of Pride and Prejudice after he cast her as Jane Bennett in the picture. He later admitted being most reluctant to cast Simon Woods as her love interest, Mr. Bingley, […]

LONESOME DOVE – A Mini-Series Masterpiece.

LONESOME DOVE – A Mini-Series Masterpiece.

January 10, 2021 Alan Royle 2

LONESOME DOVE (1989) – A Mini-Series masterpiece. Larry McMurtry wrote Lonesome Dove in 1971 as a movie script. His intention was for John Wayne to play Woodrow Call, James Stewart to portray Gus McCrae, and Henry Fonda to hold down the Jake Spoon role. Hot director Peter Bogdanovich was to […]


June 21, 2018 Alan Royle 4

In the 1983 feature Cujo, the St. Bernard at the centre of the action was played by a combination of five live animals, one mechanical head, and a man dressed in a dog-suit. The five live dogs had to have their tails tied down because they were having such a […]


September 3, 2016 Alan Royle 6

  They say that movie ‘chemistry’ strikes every now and then, and when it does it lights up the screen. The people that make these kinds of decisions are forever mixing and matching, trying to find a combination that just ‘clicks’ with audiences. And it does not always have to […]

Stolen Oscars? Pt 4.

September 26, 2015 admin 2

  Part 4 of ‘Stolen Oscars?’ focuses on 8 Supporting Actors and just 2 Supporting Actresses. 1944    Barry Fitzgerald in Going My Way Fitzgerald got his Oscar for virtually being himself. In fact, all his movie roles were very similar. In this picture he played an Irish priest, Father […]

Brad Renfro – a wasted life

February 28, 2015 admin 1

  Brad Renfro in The Client ( 1994 ) Author John Grisham did not want a professional Hollywood child actor, complete with phoney southern accent, to play the pivotal role of Mark Sway in The Client (1994). Enter the 11 year-old unknown Brad Renfro from Memphis, Tennessee. His only acting […]