March 3, 2023 Alan Royle 6

  THE TEN COMMANDMENTS (1956)       Readers of this blog may recall my scathing assessment of the 1964 James Bond film Goldfinger, in which I described it as the most ludicrous, far-fetched story in movie history. I still insist it is woefully inadequate, yet when compared to C B DeMille’s 1956 […]


November 18, 2016 Alan Royle 4

  Cecil B DeMille It has been 60 years since my grand-parents dragged me along to see CB DeMille’s The Ten Commandments at our local theatre. I think their plan was to give me a dose of good old religion, but all it did was scare the knickers clean off […]

More old TV show trivia.

December 26, 2015 admin 2

  William Boyd made Hopalong Cassidy famous by depicting him in 66 movies throughout the 30s and 40s, and then for five years on television between 1949 and 1954. A smart businessman, Boyd purchased the rights to the movies, then pruned them into half-hour and full-hour television episodes. When these […]