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  (L to R) Neville Brand, Peter Brown, William Smith, Philip Carey LAREDO (1965-7) 56 EPISODES                 Laredo pretty much transposed the three British soldiers from the hit movie Gunga Din (1939) to the American West and turned them into Texas Rangers. In fact, the producers wanted the series to […]

WORLD WAR TWO – The stars & their stories – PT52.

WORLD WAR TWO – The stars & their stories – PT52.

July 25, 2021 Alan Royle 0

   HAROLD RUSSELL (1914-2002)                          Born in North Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada in 1914, Harold Russell moved with his family to Cambridge, Massachusetts when he was just five years old. He was training paratroopers and working on an Army film at Camp MacKall, North Carolina on June 6, 1944, when some […]


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Someday I would like someone to explain to me how Annie Hall (1977) won four Academy Awards. This typical Woody Allen self-indulgent rubbish won the Best Picture Oscar, Best Director (Allen), Best Writing (Allen) and Best Actress (Diane Keaton)! Hollywood’s love affair with this guy seems boundless. He was even […]

Did you know?

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  IRINA DEMICK (1936-2004)                       Irina was born Irina Dziemiach to Russian/Polish parents in France in 1936. She became a highly paid model, appeared in a French film, then met Hollywood movie mogul Darryl F Zanuck, a notorious womanizer who […]