‘SHENANDOAH’ (1965) -Hollywood hokum.

August 15, 2019 Alan Royle 2

    When I first saw this film, I was about eighteen years old and gave it the thumbs up. I thought it was exciting, moving, dramatic and even heart-warming. Being naïve beyond my years, I also thought it was a story well-told and well-acted. The acting still stands up […]


July 12, 2017 Alan Royle 1

    50 GREAT MALE SUPPORTING ACTORS Most of the truly great movies owe much of their success to, not just their leading players, but to the quality of the character actors who support them. We all have our favorites, but here is a selection of mine. You may not […]

Burt Reynolds – the forgotten superstar

January 17, 2016 admin 4

    Burt Reynolds at the top of his game After marriage to Judy Carne of Laugh-In fame, Burt Reynolds enjoyed relationships with the much older Dinah Shore, and then with actress Inger Stevens until shortly before her suicide in 1970. Out of respect for Miss Stevens he has always […]