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    BONANZA    (1959-73)                                430 EPISODES                     Few TV westerns were as successful and as long-running as Bonanza (1959-73). In fact, only Gunsmoke outdid it both in episodes (635) and seasons (20). Initially, Bonanza was screened on Saturday nights, but the figures were so dismal that thought was given to cancelling […]

Nostalgia TV #1 – ‘BONANZA’

April 24, 2016 admin 6

    Over 14 seasons (1959-73), none of the sons in Bonanza ever had a steady girlfriend, and little wonder, for they never changed their clothes! It was agreed early in the series to keep each actor in the same clothes so that stock footage could be drawn upon in […]

Did You Know? – Points of Interest PT 5

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  After starring in A Summer Place in 1959, Blonde-haired, blue-eyed Troy Donahue had the acting world at his feet. Then he blew it with drugs and booze. ‘I was loaded all the time’, he recalled. ‘I’d wake up about 6:30 in the morning, take three aspirins mixed with codeine, […]