March 6, 2023 Alan Royle 0

  MAMIE VAN DOREN (1931 – )                 Steve Cochran ‘Steve Cochran was the sexiest man I have ever known. We made two movies together, The Beat Generation and The Big Operator [both released in 1959], and we were always hot for one another, slipping off for a ‘quickie’ here and […]



August 7, 2022 Alan Royle 2

    RIVERBOAT (1959-61) 44 EPISODES                  Darren McGavin & Burt Reynolds in Riverboat  Set in the nineteenth century, mainly on the Mississippi River, this series follows the adventures of Captain Grey Holden (Darren McGavin) after he wins a river boat in a poker game. Burt Reynolds, in his television debut, plays […]

WORLD WAR TWO – The stars & their stories – PT55.

WORLD WAR TWO – The stars & their stories – PT55.

September 5, 2021 Alan Royle 2

  ANN SHERIDAN (1915-67)                                                She was born Clara Sheridan in Denton, Texas during World War One. It has been said that Ann was a direct descendant of Union General Philip Sheridan and maybe she was. Her sister thought she was beautiful enough to win ‘The Search for Beauty’ […]

PROFILES – Hutton & Hutton.

PROFILES – Hutton & Hutton.

January 4, 2021 Alan Royle 0

  BETTY HUTTON (1921 – 2007)                Betty entered this world as Elizabeth Thornburg via Battle Creek, Michigan in February 1921. Her father deserted the family when she was two (and committed suicide sixteen years later). Mum moved the family to Detroit after dad shot through and, in the middle of […]


June 16, 2019 Alan Royle 0

    Lee Fierra as Mrs. Kintner confronting the police chief in Jaws (1975) Lee Fierro played Mrs. Kintner in the 1975 hit Jaws, mother of the boy, Alex, taken by the shark at the beach. She only made three movies; this one, Jaws – The Revenge (1987) and The Mistover […]


November 4, 2018 Alan Royle 4

Irving ‘Swifty’ Lazar Irving ‘Swifty’ Lazar has been described by many, and with good cause, as one of the greatest agents of all time. Standing just over five feet tall, this pocket dynamo acquired his famous nickname when, in accordance with a bet they had, he successfully completed three deals […]


May 12, 2018 Alan Royle 2

    Burt Reynolds & Sally Field in Smokey & the Bandit (1977) Burt Reynolds had been smitten with Sally Field for some time, ever since he saw her debut in Gidget on TV in 1965, and wanted her for the role of Carrie in Smokey and the Bandit (1977). She had […]

The Divine Dinah Shore (1916-94).

August 23, 2017 Alan Royle 8

  DINAH SHORE                                     She was born Frances Rose Shore in Winchester, Tennessee in 1916. Friends called her ‘Fanny’, but to the music-loving world she was known as Dinah Shore. She altered her […]

The Quigley Poll of Top Box-office Stars PT 3. (1978-2013)

July 8, 2017 Alan Royle 2

  1978       Burt Reynolds 1979       Burt Reynolds 1980       Burt Reynolds 1981       Burt Reynolds 1982       Burt Reynolds We often tend to forget just how popular Burt Reynolds was. Only Bing Crosby and he have topped Quigley five years in succession! The most astonishing thing about Burt’s achievements is that, on scanning […]

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On-set fatalities in Hollywood movies.

November 22, 2016 Alan Royle 5

Movie-making has cost the lives of quite a few of those involved in the process. Stuntmen, cameramen, assistants, extras, plus the occasional director and actor have lost their lives down the decades. This is not a definitive list, not by a long shot, but it does demonstrate the perils that […]