MOVIES – Double Jeopardy – True Women

MOVIES – Double Jeopardy – True Women

July 16, 2021 Alan Royle 2

  DOUBLE JEOPARDY (1999)                     Box-office returns of over $100 million in the USA alone, coupled with it topping the popularity poll for three weeks in the year it was released, indicate that Double Jeopardy (1999) has been a financially successful movie, despite the critics (generally) being unimpressed by it, and […]


January 6, 2020 Alan Royle 0

In preparation for his starring role in The Last of the Mohicans (1992), Daniel Day-Lewis built a canoe, learned to, hunt and skin animals, and perfected the use of a 12-pound flintlock gun, which he carted with him everywhere even, on one occasion, to a Christmas dinner. In fact, he […]

Thirteen Days (2001)

February 13, 2015 admin 1

[imdblt]thirteen days 2001[/imdblt]   It is common knowledge that Richard Nixon taped conversations he had in the Oval Office, but he was not the first president to do so. Much of the dialogue in this film comes from tapes that JFK recorded in that very same room (and others) during […]