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Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday discuss gunfighter/killer Johnny Ringo:

Wyatt Earp (Kurt Russell): ‘What makes a man like Ringo, Doc? What makes him do the things he does?’

Doc Holliday (Val Kilmer):  ‘A man like Ringo has got a great big hole, right in the middle of him. He can never kill enough, or steal enough, or inflict enough pain to ever fill it.’

Wyatt: ‘What does he need?’

Doc: ‘Revenge.’

Wyatt: ‘For what?

Doc: ‘Bein’ born.’


Wyatt, having just arrested a “Cowboy” for gunning down the town sheriff in the main street of Tombstone, warns a belligerent Ike Clanton, leader of ‘The Cowboys’, when he threatens to release the prisoner:

Wyatt: ‘You die first, get it? Your friends might get me in a rush, but not before I make your head into a canoe, you understand me?’


Wyatt responds when he is propositioned by a law enforcement officer who asks him to wear a badge again:

Wyatt: ‘I did my duty, now I’d like to get on with my life. I’m going to Tombstone.’

Officer: ‘Ah, I see. To strike it rich. Well, alright, that’s fine. Tell you one thing, though…I never saw a rich man who didn’t wind up with a guilty conscience.’

Wyatt: ‘Already got a guilty conscience. Might as well have the money, too. Good day, now.’


Everything You Need to Know About the Iconic Jaws Poster – That Moment In

JAWS (1975)

Quint, Hooper and Chief Brody are discussing scars and tattoos when Hooper asks about the tattoo on Quint’s arm:

Quint (Robert Shaw): ‘Mr. Hooper, that’s the USS Indianapolis.’

Hooper (Richard Dreyfuss): ‘You were on the Indianapolis?’

Police Chief Brody (Roy Scheider): ‘What happened?’

Quint: ‘Japanese submarine slammed two torpedoes into our side, Chief. We was comin’ back from the island of Tinian to Leyte; just delivered the bomb – the Hiroshima bomb. Eleven hundred men went into the water. Vessel went down in twelve minutes. Didn’t see the first shark for about a half an hour. Tiger – thirteen footer. You know how you know that when you’re in the water, Chief? You tell by lookin’ from the dorsal to the tail. What we didn’t know…was our mission had been so secret, no distress signal had been sent. Heh.’

‘They didn’t even list us overdue for a week. Very first light, Chief, sharks come cruisin’. So we formed ourselves into tight groups. Y’know, it’s kinda like ol’ squares in a battle like, uh, you see in a calendar, like the Battle of Waterloo, and the idea was, shark comes to the nearest man and that man, he’d start poundin’ and hollerin’ and screamin, and sometimes the shark’d go away…sometimes he wouldn’t go away. Sometimes that shark, he looks right into ya. Right into your eyes. Y’know the thing about a shark, he’s got…lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll’s eyes. When he comes at ya, doesn’t seem to be livin’…until he bites ya. And those black eyes roll over white, and then…oh, then you hear that terrible high-pitch screamin’, the ocean turns red, and spite of all the poundin’ and hollerin’, they all come in and they…rip you to pieces.’

‘Y’know, by the end of that first dawn…lost a hundred men. I dunno how many sharks. Maybe a thousand. I dunno how many men, they averaged six an hour. On Thursday mornin’, Chief, I bumped into friend of mine, Herbie Robinson from Cleveland – baseball player, boatswain’s mate. I thought he was asleep, reached over to wake him up…bobbed up and down in the water just like a kinda top. Upended. Well…he’d been bitten in half below the waist. Noon the fifth day, Mr. Hooper, a Lockheed Ventura saw us, he swung in low and he saw us. Young pilot, a lot younger than Mr. Hooper. Anyway, he saw us and come in low and three hours later, a big fat PBY comes down and starts to pick us up. Y’know, that was the time I was most frightened, waitin’ for my turn. I’ll never put on a life jacket again. So, eleven hundred men went into the water, three hundred and sixteen men come out, and the sharks took the rest, June the 29th, 1945. Anyway…we delivered the bomb.’


At the town meeting Quint scratches the chalk-board to get everyone’s attention, before stating his fee to Police Chief Brody for catching the shark that has been terrorizing Amity Island:

Quint: ‘Y’all know me. Know how I earn a livin’. I’ll catch this bird for you, but it ain’t gonna be easy. Bad fish. Not like going down the pond and chasin’ bluegills and tommy-cods. This shark, swallow you whole. Little shakin’, little tenderizin’, and down you go. And we gotta do it quick; that’ll bring back your tourists, put all your businesses on a payin’ basis. But it’s not gonna be pleasant. I value my neck a lot more than three thousand bucks, Chief. I’ll find him for three, but I’ll catch him, and kill him, for ten. But you’ve gotta make up your minds. If you want to stay alive, then ante up. If you want to play it cheap, be on welfare the whole winter. I don’t want no volunteers, I don’t want no mates; there’s just too many captains on this island. Ten thousand dollars for me by myself. For that you get the head, the tail; the whole damn thing.’


Chief Brody’s wife reveals her husband’s aversion to the water and boats:

Ellen Brody (Lorraine Gary): ‘Martin hates boats. Martin hates water. Martin…Martin sits in his car when we go on the ferry to the mainland. I guess it’s a childhood thing. It’s a…there’s a clinical name for it, isn’t there?’

Brody: ‘Drowning.’


Matt Hooper examines a graffiti-vandalized billboard and endeavors to convince Mayor Vaughn that the proportions are accurate and that the shark is a serious threat:

Hooper: ‘Mr. Vaughn, what we are dealing with here is a perfect engine, an eating machine. It’s really a miracle of evolution. All this machine does is swim and eat and make little sharks, and that’s all. Now, why don’t you take a long, close look at this sign? Those proportions are correct.’

Mayor Vaughn (Murray Hamilton): ‘Love to prove that, wouldn’t ya? Get your name into the National Geographic.



  1. Although Quint’s testimony about Indianapolis almost made me not post this, the lines from Tombstone immediately brought to mind one of my favorite movie endings ever:

    Steve McQueen’s showdown with Karl Malden as the miscreant who killed his parents in “Nevada Smith.” After painfully wounding the monster with shots to his shootin’ hand and both knees, Malden’s character Tom Fitch bitterly pleads with Max Sand (Nevada) to kill him.

    Paraphrasing Fitch–“Finish me! Ya haven’t got the guts….you’re yella! Finish me!”

    Max Sand–“You’re just not worth killing…”

    Followed by a couple of more “finish me…..ya haven’t got the guts…you’re yellaaaaa”
    Cue the music. McQueen rides off.
    Malden and McQueen are both remarkable in this very underestimated Western, directed with vigor by Henry Hathaway. Good stuff!

    But Robert Shaw talking about the sinking of Indianapolis if BY FAR the most terrifying scene in JAWS…great work by Shaw and Spielberg.

    • Yes, Dan, McQueen as Max Sand was a far cry from the terrible casting of Alan Ladd as Max in ‘The Carpetbaggers’, a movie I have always had a soft spot for despite Ladd’s casting and the woeful dialogue he was compelled to utter.

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