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BING CROSBY:                             

[Crosby had a torrid affair with Grace Kelly before she became Princess Grace of Monaco, something he was sure not to mention when asked to comment on her character]: ‘She’s a great lady, with a great talent and kind, considerate, friendly with everybody. She was great with the crew and they all loved her.’

Oh, young Robert Wagner, omnomnommm. : LadyBoners

ROBERT WAGNER:                     

[On Suzanne Finstad’s best-selling 2001 biography of his former wife Natalie Wood, a biography that was particularly unflattering about Wagner] ‘This woman has fabricated, you know, those things that are all these things that she talks to these different people and she says she knows this and that. You know, it’s…there have been other books written besides that one, you know. And there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it.’

How Did Natalie Wood Drown? Robert Wagner and Dennis Davern's ...

Wagner & Natalie Wood

[Regarding the 1981 drowning of Natalie] ‘When Natalie died, I was embittered. I still get angry about it and I wonder why it had to happen. I have all those feelings of grief and anger that people who’ve lost someone they love always have. I have lived a charmed life, and then I lost a beautiful woman I loved with all my heart.’

Michael York battling rare disease

MICHAEL YORK:                                     

[On fellow British actor and all-round hell-raiser Oliver Reed] ‘Oliver was a real character, but nobody mentions the fact that he would turn up fully prepared for work, knowing his lines. The tragedy was that everybody expected him to be this hell-raiser, and he often obliged; the press wouldn’t allow him to be this very serious actor. But he did have this larger than life side to him. He was brought up in good schools, with good manners; there’s a residue of that as well. Oliver wasn’t run of the mill. He was like an aristocratic ruffian, a complete contradiction in terms.’

Vivien Leigh, Gone With The Wind. | Scarlett o'hara, Gone with the ...

VIVIEN LEIGH:                                         

[Regarding media stories that she and Clark Gable did not get along on the set of Gone with the Wind (1939)] ‘Who could quarrel with Clark Gable? We got on well. Whenever anyone on the set was tired or depressed, it was Gable who cheered that person up. Then the newspapers began printing the story that Gable and I were not getting on. This was so ridiculous it served only as a joke. From that time on, the standard greeting between Clark and myself became, ‘How are you not getting on today?’

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JASON PATRIC:                                        

[The grandson of legendary comedian Jackie Gleason, Jason Patric was good as Lt. Charles Gatewood in Geronimo: An American Legend (1993), but seems destined to be remembered only for his affair with Julia Roberts on the eve of her intended marriage to Kiefer Sutherland, in June 1991, than for anything else. As for his relationship to Gleason, he had this to say in 2011:] ‘I didn’t grow up with him. It’s just one of those things. I never talked about my dad growing up and I never talked about my grandfather growing up, certainly as a young actor because I wanted no nepotism, whatsoever…I only saw him a handful of times in my life. He’s had as much effect on me as he’s had on you. He has nothing to do with me or my bloodline; I’m not a thoroughbred or purebred dog or something. Really, it has no bearing whatsoever, but really it looks good in US Magazine. He was just more of a hermit.’

Christina Ricci - IMDb

CHRISTINA RICCI:                      

‘If I hadn’t gone into acting, I would have been one of those weird runaways on Hollywood Boulevard. No, it’d be uglier. I’d probably be dead.’

‘My first kiss was with the most chivalrous little boy I ever met in my life. It was in kindergarten. There was this kid who was really a jerk, and he wouldn’t let me get on the school bus. He was about to hit me when this little boy named Nicky shoved me down, stood up and took the blow. So Nicky instantly became the kindergarten stud. The day he got hit for me, I lined up all the little girls, and everyone kissed him. That was my way of thanking him.’

John Hurt's Greatest Film Roles: A Tribute – Variety

JOHN HURT:                                              

[On his drinking] ‘I wasn’t like Oliver Reed. He was a competitive drinker. He would say, ‘I can drink you under the fucking table’. And I’d say: ‘I’m sure you could, Oliver. But where’s the fun in that?’ I miss the camaraderie, when it was fantastically creative. People love to talk about the drinking bit as though it were hell-raising. Actually, [Peter] O’Toole put it really well when he said the drinking was to feed something else. Even when you weren’t working, everybody would meet somewhere. That’s all gone, completely.’

Mother Goose Is Running for His Life (1978)

CHERYL LADD:                                                    

[In 2000, recalling her first year as Farrah Fawcett’s replacement on Charlie’s Angels (1976)] ‘I wasn’t overly, warmly received, I wouldn’t say that. There was a really interesting dynamic that had occurred between Kate Jackson, Farrah Fawcett and Jaclyn Smith, that to this day I don’t really know all the details of. There was a camaraderie, and they had success. I think when Farrah left, there was some awfully hurt feelings from Kate and Jaclyn.’

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FAYE DUNAWAY:                        

[After Bette Davis described her in a 1988 interview with Johnny Carson as the worst person she had ever worked with, calling her ‘totally impossible’, ‘uncooperative’ and ‘very unprofessional’, Faye wrote the following comments about Bette in her autobiography]: ‘Watching her, all I could think of was that she seemed like someone caught in a death throe, a final scream against a fate over which no-one has control. I was just the target of her blind rage at the one sin Hollywood never forgives in its leading ladies: growing old.’

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JUDGE REINHOLD:                                 

[On his masturbation scene in Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982)] ‘My first sex scene – and it was with myself. There was an embarrassing moment for me at LAX soon after the movie came out. Two guys recognized me and one of them started screaming really loudly, ‘Look, there’s the guy who was jerking off!’ – You know, like they’d just caught me in the men’s room.’


  1. I’d always felt that Cheryl Ladd hat gotten a raw deal from Kate Jackson’s treatment of her when Ladd replaced Farah.
    However, I have since read that Ladd was not all that pleasant to both Shelly Hack or the late Tanya Roberts when they came aboard Charlie’s Angels.

    • Professional jealousy must surely have happened on some sets but I think things have changed a lot today, Mike. THere are simply too many very talented actors and actresses around today. Producers do not need to tolerate prima donnas like they used to.

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