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BRIAN KEITH:                                                      

[On being diagnosed with lung cancer, shortly before he took his own life with a gun in 1997] ‘I was willing to deal with the emphysema, but now I don’t think there’s much point in trying to live on. Forgive me, but I don’t want to live anymore. The pain is too bad. There’s no point in trying to prolong this agony.’

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OLIVER REED:                                                     

‘I believe that my woman shouldn’t work outside the home. When I come home and I’m tired from filming all day, I expect her to be there and make sure that everything is cool for me. You know, like drawing my bath and helping me into bed. That’s the kind of job she had and, in return for it, she can bear my children and if any man talks bad to her, I’ll hit him. I also use women as a sex object; maybe I’m kinky. However, I like to talk to them as well.’

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HOWARD KEEL:                                                              

‘I’m not a religious man. As a matter of fact, I think religion is one of the biggest evils in this world. Think of the world’s wars, almost all of them have started because of religion. I have my own attitude to this life. Hell, you can’t look up at the sky and not think there is some superhuman force at work. But I don’t know what it is.’

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[On the making of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (1954)] ‘It was a fine cast and lots of fun to make, but they did the damn thing on the cheap. The backdrops had holes in them and it was shot on the worst film stock.’

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MARGOT KIDDER:                                                          

[On The Amityville Horror 1979)] ‘What a piece of shit! I couldn’t believe that anyone would take that seriously. I was laughing my whole way through it, much to the annoyance of Rod Steiger, who took the whole thing very seriously.’

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Janis Joplin

[On her appearance with Janis Joplin on The Dick Cavett Show in August 1970] ‘Janis Joplin was the sweetest lost child on the planet and obviously wanted to be my friend. But I was so star struck it never occurred to me that somebody like her wanted to be my friend, so I blew it and she died two months later. I’ll never forget that day and night.’

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ERIC IDLE:                                                                         

[The former member of the Monty Python group spoke about their tour of the USA] ‘When we got to North America it was extraordinary to find that everybody assumed that we were totally stoned all the time while making it up. You had to point out to people that actually you can’t write comedy when you’re stoned. You can’t find the typewriter. But a lot of people still say to this day, ‘Oh, when I was a college kid, man, we’d just get a joint and watch Python and we’d laugh and laugh.’ And you’d think, ‘Well, actually you didn’t need Python. You could just look at the wallpaper.’

‘There’s a legendary story of one of the Monty Python boys being interviewed on a tape recorder by a pretty Canadian journalist while actually in flagrante, but wild horses would not drag the name of the recipient of this in-depth interview from my lips. To talk seriously on the radio about comedy while ‘porking’ the questioner is still something of a high spot in the history of irony.’

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[On his last correspondence with actor Robin Williams] ‘Robin was supposed to come and do the last night, and all the time I was getting e-mails from him, and he was going downhill…because he was suffering from severe depression. Through my friend Bobcat Goldthwait we were in touch, and in the end he said, ‘I can’t come, I’m sorry, but I love you very much.’ We realized afterwards he was saying goodbye.’

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MCLEAN STEVENSON:                                                  

[He regretted leaving M.A.S.H. in its third season (1975)] ‘I probably got too big for my britches. The biggest mistake I made was I thought everybody loved McLean Stevenson. It was Henry Blake that people loved. So when I went out and did The McLean Stevenson Show (1976), nobody gave a damn.’

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DIANE KEATON:                                                              

[On her nude scene in Something’s Gotta Give (2003)] ‘At this point, does it really matter? Nobody is looking at me the way I once imagined people would look at me, with deviant thoughts. I think they just go, ‘Huh. There it is. Intact.’

[Regarding getting drug shots before each performance of the 1968 rock musical Hair on Broadway] ‘At the time it was astonishing to have a job. It was odd. Before the show opened we got a shot by a Doctor Bishop. A vitamin shot, only it was not vitamins. It was like methamphetamines. You were flying. A lot of people got addicted. I remember somebody had a baby while on LSD in the dressing-room.’

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GENE KELLY:                                                                   

[On Louis B Mayer and the contract system at MGM] ‘I didn’t like him. He didn’t like me. It was mutual. I was born to play Sky Masterson [in Guys and Dolls], the way Clark Gable was born to play Rhett Butler [in Gone with the Wind], but those bastards at MGM refused to loan me out. The contract system at Hollywood studios like MGM was a very efficient system in that because we were at the studio all the time we could rehearse a lot. But it also really repressed people. There were no union regulations yet, and we were all indentured servants – you can call us slaves if you want – like ball-players before free agency. We had seven-year contracts, but every six months the studio could decide to fire you if your picture wasn’t a hit. And if you turned down a role, they cut off your salary and simply added the time to your contract.’

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AL JOLSON:                                                                       

[It was said that his ego was second to none. Neither was his talent]. ‘I’ll tell you when I’m going to play the Palace. That’s when Eddie Cantor and George Burns and Groucho Marx and Jack Benny are on the bill. I’m going to buy out the whole house, and sit in the middle of the orchestra and say, ‘Slaves, entertain the king!’

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ALAN ALDA:                                                                     

‘I used to be a Catholic. I left because I object to conversion by concussion. If you don’t agree with what they teach, you get clobbered over the head until you do. All that does is change the shape of your head.’


  1. As someone who is in lockdown due to covid 19, in the UK. I have noticed you haven’t posted any articles.I hope you, and your family are well, and hope you can post soon.
    Take care

    • Hi Colin, Actually, I post an article every three days and have done so for several years. In fact, there are articles scheduled well into 2021, so I do not know why you are unable to locate them. I live in Perth, Western Australia and we have been extremely lucky re COVID19. The entire country has had only 80 deaths since it started and here in WA we have not even had a case for three days now. My son lives in Queensland and handles the technical side of the blog because I am a total dinosaur in that area. All I do is research and write, but I shall contact him at once and ask him to check on things. THanks for your concern, mate. I hope you and your family are all OK. Regards Alan.

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