My Top 10 Handsome Actors


If I was given the chance to change my appearance to look like an actor, these are the Top 10 actors I would pick. I have no doubt that nobody else on planet Earth would choose the same ten I have chosen, surely not in the same order anyway. There are 4 Americans, 2 Englishmen, and one actor from the following countries: France, Canada, Northern Ireland and Australia. Even my wife could only guess 5 of them. So, here goes.

#10   Louis Jourdan

The quintessential Frenchman. A charming, debonair actor who

was perfectly cast as Leslie Caron’s lover in Gigi (1958).

#9   Stephen Boyd

Northern Ireland-born Boyd should have been

nominated for Ben-Hur. Very under-rated actor

who could play malevolant or charming.

#8   Rod Taylor

Australian actor Rod Taylor was pretty big for a decade or so.

He could play action roles (The Dark of the Sun) or romance

(Sunday in New York). One of my boyhood heroes.

#7   George Peppard

I liked The Carpetbaggers and I liked The Blue Max, simply

because of George Peppard’s performances in both of them.

He possessed the matinee idol looks, yet for some reason he

never quite made it as big as he, perhaps, should. Strange.

#6   Michael Caine

I know he is long in the tooth now, but at his peak Michael

Caine was every boy’s hero. I was about 16 when Zulu hit the

screens. He stole the picture, lock, stock & barrel. My sister

had the above Get Carter shot over her bed for years.

#5   Cary Grant

I think I put Englishman Cary Grant near the top mainly because

he was always so cool. Like a lot of movie fans, I just enjoy watching

him on the screen. What guy would not wish to look like him?

#4   William Shatner

Canadian Bill Shatner is probably a surprising selection, but back

in the sixties he was huge. I like him as an actor and I was a massive

Star Trek fan. Captain Kirk had to make my top 10.

#3   George Clooney

I imagine the only surprise about George being in my top 10 would

be that he is not at the head of the list. Well, he’s close, and rightly so.

The man has serious screen presence and a likeable persona. Not overly

ugly either.

#2   Robert Wagner

This guy very nearly was my number one, but he looks just a little bit

self-satisfied with his looks (not that I could blame him). Love his movies,

by the way, especially Broken Lance and A Kiss Before Dying.

#1   Gregory Peck

I suppose there have been a lot more handsome actors down the years

than Greg Peck, but his face possesses all the best qualities – integrity,

honesty, sincerity, intelligence. Yep, I wanna look like I, too, have all

those qualities.



  1. I enjoyed reading your choices for this list! I agree that Gregory Peck is the most handsome actor ever. It isn’t just his looks that I like. It is also his personality and acting ability – in fact his overall demeaner, that places him at the head of the line.

    • Thank you for your comments. I always felt that Greg Peck’s face exuded integrity and sincerity. No wonder he was in such demand as a leading man/hero-type. He had it all, not to mention a wonderful speaking voice. A class act.

  2. Your list is great, Alan, but I’m surprised that Guy Madison didn’t make the grade. I always thought that he was the best looking actor ever to appear in motion pictures. I realize, though, that is my own subjective opinion, and not everyone would agree. Again…a great list.

    • Hi, John. I certainly considered him several times, but he was a bit like Tony Curtis, Elvis, Mel Gibson, Paul Newman – a bit too ‘pretty’ for my taste. I think his turned-up nose prevented him from looking ‘tough’ enough. Then again, Wagner and Jourdan are kind of ‘pretty too. I remember reading in countless volumes that Hedy Lamarr was the most beautiful woman ever to appear on the screen, yet I found her somewhat lifeless. Same with Garbo. Everyone’s taste is different, of course. Personally, I think the actor with the most ‘interesting’ face was Lee Marvin (best voice too), but if I put him in a list of ‘handsome actors’ I’d get strung up! Thank you for looking in, mate.

    • Bogie was in and out of my list about ten times. So was Gary Cooper. My wife cannot believe I left out Tony Curtis, but the guy was just too PRETTY! Same with Elvis. If you wanted to look like either one you would have to learn how to fight pretty well. As for Bob Wagner, he is a combination – good looks, great speaking voice, pretty strong actor. Likeable.

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