My Top 50 Handsome Actors (Pt2)



#30   Jeff Bridges

Better looking than his dad or his brother

#29   Stewart Granger

In his best role as Scaramouche

#28   Pierce Brosnan

In his very first film – The Long Good Friday

#27   Tom Berenger

He was really strong in Platoon

#26   Patrick Dempsey

‘McDreamy’ in Grey’s Anatomy (my wife insisted)

#25   Clint Walker

A gentle giant, quiet spoken.

#24   Charlton Heston

Can’t stand his acting, but he looked good in El Cid

#23   James Mason

Often sinister, always intelligent, superb speaking voice

#22   Richard Chamberlain

For a while he was the heartthrob of every woman on planet Earth

#21   Sean Connery

And he still is

#20   Albert Finney

In his wonderful role as Ton Jones

#19   Jason Statham

New-age tough guy. Very impressive in all he does

#18   Steve McQueen

A unique screen personality

#17   Keanu Reeves

Might very well be the nicest guy in movies

#16   Clint Eastwood

Larger than life hero-type

#15   Kevin Costner

Dumb movie, but Costner at his peak looks-wise

#14   Marlon Brando

More charisma than any other star – ever!

#13   William Holden

In a fine western – Escape From Fort Bravo

#12   Antonio Banderas

At his best in The Mask of Zorro

#11   Colin Firth

The quintessential English gentleman

The TOP TEN will be posted here on Wednesday February 10.






  1. I believe Mitchum purposely said it that way to prove a point.
    I screwed up on quote. It was “He don’t bring MUCH brains”…..
    [I read a comment on Mitchum; very intelligent, well read.]
    Who knows?

    • Actually, from what I have read Mitchum was a cool dude. He reckoned acting was a childish way to make a living, but it paid far better than real work. Never took himself seriously, I believe, which is refreshing.

  2. You are right. “The Thomas Crown Affair.” If you want to read a funny
    quote by Mitchum about McQueen, check out “Hollywood on Hollywood.”

  3. I FULLY agree w/ you about Connery as Bond; a really good looking man
    as he’s aged. I remember Berenger in Platoon, but probably paid more
    attention to Charlie Sheen. McQueen played smooth con-man w/ Faye
    Dunaway[ I think}. Different role for him, can’t think of movie.
    Was remade w/ Brosnan, contemporary update where he’s seeing psychiatrist. I watched it on a plane, liked original better.
    Maybe you know which movie I’m talking about.

    • I presume you mean ‘The Thomas Crown Affair’, but I could be wrong. Charlie Sheen was terrific in ‘Platoon’. I always feel that most actors are pretty smart, but then far too many of them do drugs, so maybe they are not all that smart after all. Stupid Charlie. What a waste of genuine talent. I even enjoyed his ‘Hot Shot’ comedies.

  4. Here I go again. Tom Berenger, curl of bottom lip, homely and sensual at same time. Wouldn’t have recognized him younger, but watched parts
    of …..”Mr. Goodbar.” P. Dempsey, a little like Penn. Connery, more
    interesting to look at as older man. Eastwood: Usually don’t go for “all American” blondish types, but there’s something about him;
    his way of moving, height, tone of voice, mole above upper lip, the
    nose. Anything else. I would not have kicked him or Brando out of bed.[That is in Brando’s pre obese days.] Holden, from what I’ve seen
    good actor, but “bland”, although great build, and good deep voice, w/ good enunciation. {Holden. See “Breezy” w/ Kay Lenz.} He’s older
    and probably pretty much into his alcoholism. It all seems to fit the
    sort of man he’s portraying. Keanu Reeves. Oh, does he have a beautiful face! Especially his mouth.- Combination of ethnicities.
    If I took more time in looking, I’d probably find others here, but
    “gotta” go. Bye

    • I really thought Brando was light years ahead of Jimmy Dean in the looks department (acting too, for that matter). I thought Bill Holden in ‘Escape From Fort Bravo’ was great, Berenger in ‘Platoon’ was terrific, Clint was just a real cool dude, and I agree that Keanu Reeves really does have an extraordinary face. My wife threatened to divorce me if I didn’t put ‘McDreamy’ in (Patrick Dempsey). Connery is my favourite Bond by a country mile. The ONLY Bond in fact, in my opinion.

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