1. “Little Ronnie Reagan”. I thought comment funny but odd, knowing that
    he was tall. Perhaps Davis, etc. thought him childish in his behavior.

  2. Bette Davis: I watched an interview of her, 1980’s, very engaging
    and forthright, although, unhealthy looking.
    She referred to Reagan as, “Little Ronnie Reagan. That’s what we
    called him.” In addition, best movie was “King’s Row”, and he was a
    B Contract Actor.

    • ‘Little Ronnie Reagan’ was 6’1″ tall. ‘King’s Row’ (1942) was his solitary acting claim to fame – and he knew it. First wife, Jane Wyman’ wrote later that he would show his copy of the thing after every dinner party they threw at their home. It drove her nuts.

    • Really? I misread your comment. I watched ‘To Have and Have Not’ again last night. No wonder Bogart fell for her. How could he not? Amazing screen presence for a 19 year-old. A born star.

  3. Bette Davis, after seeing Bacall as Margo Channing in “Applause”, told
    her that she couldn’t see anyone else in that role except her.
    This from Bacall’s “By Myself.”

    • I agree. Bette IS Margo, just as Rex Harrison was the only person to play Professor Higgins, and Gable to play Rhett Butler. Every now and then a role bobs along that is absolutely right for someone. Come to think of it, could you possibly imagine that ANYONE could play Slim better than Bacall did in ‘To Have and Have Not’? Not likely.

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