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‘EASY RIDER’ (1969) – an accidental classic.

May 31, 2017 Alan Royle 2

  Easy Rider (1969) was intended to star Peter Fonda, Rip Torn and Dennis Hopper, but Fonda encountered impenetrable opposition when he went in search of financial backing, because nobody wanted to get involved with a project that included the notoriously difficult Dennis Hopper. His professional reputation was in the […]

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Last Cab to Darwin (2015) – an Aussie gem.

May 29, 2017 Alan Royle 0

Although I am Australian through and through, born and bred in Fremantle, Western Australia where I have lived almost my entire life, I have never been a fan of Australian-made movies. In my opinion, most of the early screen efforts painted Australian men as stereotypes; loud, foul-mouthed, country bumpkins, forever […]

WAMPAS Baby Stars 1934 – the final year.

May 21, 2017 Alan Royle 0

  Between 1922 and 1934 the Western Association of Motion Pictures Advertisers (WAMPAS) chose between 13 and 15 young actresses in Hollywood that they believed were on the threshold of movie stardom and presented them at the annual ‘WAMPAS Frolic’. Until its final year starlets had to be under contract […]

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Audie Murphy – my boyhood hero.

May 19, 2017 Alan Royle 12

  AUDIE MURPHY (1924 – 71)                     1094 Audie Murphy’s World War Two combat record is well-known to his fans, indeed to history. Enough to say that he was America’s most highly decorated soldier of the entire conflict and a worthy Medal of Honor winner. Not a bad effort when we […]