My Top 50 Handsome Actors (Pt2)



#30   Jeff Bridges

Better looking than his dad or his brother

#29   Stewart Granger

In his best role as Scaramouche

#28   Pierce Brosnan

In his very first film – The Long Good Friday

#27   Tom Berenger

He was really strong in Platoon

#26   Patrick Dempsey

‘McDreamy’ in Grey’s Anatomy (my wife insisted)

#25   Clint Walker

A gentle giant, quiet spoken.

#24   Charlton Heston

Can’t stand his acting, but he looked good in El Cid

#23   James Mason

Often sinister, always intelligent, superb speaking voice

#22   Richard Chamberlain

For a while he was the heartthrob of every woman on planet Earth

#21   Sean Connery

And he still is

#20   Albert Finney

In his wonderful role as Ton Jones

#19   Jason Statham

New-age tough guy. Very impressive in all he does

#18   Steve McQueen

A unique screen personality

#17   Keanu Reeves

Might very well be the nicest guy in movies

#16   Clint Eastwood

Larger than life hero-type

#15   Kevin Costner

Dumb movie, but Costner at his peak looks-wise

#14   Marlon Brando

More charisma than any other star – ever!

#13   William Holden

In a fine western – Escape From Fort Bravo

#12   Antonio Banderas

At his best in The Mask of Zorro

#11   Colin Firth

The quintessential English gentleman

The TOP TEN will be posted here on Wednesday February 10.





10 Comments on My Top 50 Handsome Actors (Pt2)

  1. I believe Mitchum purposely said it that way to prove a point.
    I screwed up on quote. It was “He don’t bring MUCH brains”…..
    [I read a comment on Mitchum; very intelligent, well read.]
    Who knows?

    • Actually, from what I have read Mitchum was a cool dude. He reckoned acting was a childish way to make a living, but it paid far better than real work. Never took himself seriously, I believe, which is refreshing.

  2. Here’s what Mitchum said about Steve McQueen “He don’t bring no brains
    to the table, that kid.”

  3. You are right. “The Thomas Crown Affair.” If you want to read a funny
    quote by Mitchum about McQueen, check out “Hollywood on Hollywood.”

  4. I FULLY agree w/ you about Connery as Bond; a really good looking man
    as he’s aged. I remember Berenger in Platoon, but probably paid more
    attention to Charlie Sheen. McQueen played smooth con-man w/ Faye
    Dunaway[ I think}. Different role for him, can’t think of movie.
    Was remade w/ Brosnan, contemporary update where he’s seeing psychiatrist. I watched it on a plane, liked original better.
    Maybe you know which movie I’m talking about.

    • I presume you mean ‘The Thomas Crown Affair’, but I could be wrong. Charlie Sheen was terrific in ‘Platoon’. I always feel that most actors are pretty smart, but then far too many of them do drugs, so maybe they are not all that smart after all. Stupid Charlie. What a waste of genuine talent. I even enjoyed his ‘Hot Shot’ comedies.

  5. Here I go again. Tom Berenger, curl of bottom lip, homely and sensual at same time. Wouldn’t have recognized him younger, but watched parts
    of …..”Mr. Goodbar.” P. Dempsey, a little like Penn. Connery, more
    interesting to look at as older man. Eastwood: Usually don’t go for “all American” blondish types, but there’s something about him;
    his way of moving, height, tone of voice, mole above upper lip, the
    nose. Anything else. I would not have kicked him or Brando out of bed.[That is in Brando’s pre obese days.] Holden, from what I’ve seen
    good actor, but “bland”, although great build, and good deep voice, w/ good enunciation. {Holden. See “Breezy” w/ Kay Lenz.} He’s older
    and probably pretty much into his alcoholism. It all seems to fit the
    sort of man he’s portraying. Keanu Reeves. Oh, does he have a beautiful face! Especially his mouth.- Combination of ethnicities.
    If I took more time in looking, I’d probably find others here, but
    “gotta” go. Bye

    • I really thought Brando was light years ahead of Jimmy Dean in the looks department (acting too, for that matter). I thought Bill Holden in ‘Escape From Fort Bravo’ was great, Berenger in ‘Platoon’ was terrific, Clint was just a real cool dude, and I agree that Keanu Reeves really does have an extraordinary face. My wife threatened to divorce me if I didn’t put ‘McDreamy’ in (Patrick Dempsey). Connery is my favourite Bond by a country mile. The ONLY Bond in fact, in my opinion.

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